B-Empowered! B-Inspired! B-College Ready!

B-Forc! The Bound For College Readiness Program 

B-Forc! Boot Camp is a serious and rigorous two or three week college and scholarship prep program. Our camp sessions takes place in the summer (we come to you) and includes a required one day College Prep Workshop for parents, mentors or guardians of our enrolled students. We don't just prepare the students, we strive to develop a family team concept for college success.  

Boot Camp classes are small, personal and very engaging for each student for such purpose of developing one on one service and closing identifying each college bound students personal needs and strengths.  

As the college bound arena of student expectations and cost continues to change, college readiness is becoming a growing necessity for college acceptance and fiduciary security to attend. 

We recommend if you are serious about being college successful, then you need to B-Prepared! 

Boot Camp Information

We don't see any limits to coaching and getting your student prep, ready for the college process and their potential scholarship wins. 

We can physically come to your group in any city or individually coach your student from the convenience of your home via personal teleconferencing.  

Either way the B-Forc! Plan works, our goal is to coach parents and students through their college prep and scholarship process wherever you are...Hooyah! 

Parents do you have a rising sophomore, junior or high school senior? Call us today to discover more about our Virtual Boot Camp, it's time to get ready for their college journey.

Mrs. Cain served as a College Prep Coach for our UMKC Hospital Hill Summer Camp for several years. She has mentored many students through her dynamic sessions and continually demonstrated a strong passion for college readiness; through her interactive engagement. Our students left the program with the memory of a unique experience and deeper understanding of the college and scholarship process.   

Ronda M. - Director of HHHSC

B-Forc! Boot Camp Scholars are tagged and ready for $uccess!