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B-Forc! The Bound For College Readiness Program 

Virtual Consulting & Coaching

The B-Forc! Plan can be taught, wherever you are. We do virtual coaching, consulting and share advice via phone conference calls often. We're available to discuss the simplest of questions, direct you to the most reliable resources for more, to developing individual college plans starting in the 9th grade. One on One College and Scholarship Prep Coaching is provided with the master goal in mind...creating a personal road map for your college & scholarship success. We don't claim to know everything but we will share, recommend and provide you the best of everything we know. 

The Hudson Family started with B-Forc! in 2012. Mrs. Hudson diligently attended the UMKC Saturday Academy College Prep program designed for parents with college bound teens. 

In the fall of 2015, the family was #TeamNoStudentLoans ready, but requested virtual coaching to help focus on specific college choices, the application process, redesign their student's personal college plan, essay editing assistance and identify the specific scholarships to pursue during her senior year. 

After seven months of virtual coaching, success arrived in additional scholarship victories and her proud signing day with Graceland University, as the new Volleyball Assistant that included a very nice college scholarship package from the school; proving the B-Forc! Plan, our personal coaching and attention to your success, works wherever you are...if you are ready to succeed. 

Shelia, what a powerforce you are! Your unwavering humbleness has educated, encouraged and empowered so MANY. I'm grateful for ALL that you do.

MUCH ♡ from me to you! THANK YOU!

Leslie H. ~ A Dedicated & Supportive B-Forc! Parent 

Five Months to Make it Happen!

This virtual scholar and family contacted us in Mid-January 2016. Mrs. Williams was referred to B-Forc! through a friend, and was in dire need of everything a college bound student required and should have been well on their way to pursue their dream and declare their college choice by May.

Their son was currently a senior attending a private school, awesome athlete, stellar academic student with an interest to major in engineering. However, was lost, hadn't applied for any scholarships or to any colleges and the family was feeling distraught that his chances for scholarship money and college placement would become a dream deferred.  

Their virtual B-Forc! Plan was implemented immediately and hustle mode was required for both B-Forc! and the Williams family. We utilized our valuable resources, college admissions contacts and by April he was accepted into three of his college choices, by May he was signing an athletic scholarship with Graceland University...Success! Happy student, proud and relieved parents. B-Forc! doesn't believe in the word impossible.   

I am so grateful for you Mrs. Cain. You were so professional and compassionate. You answered all my questions and steered me in the right direction. When I thought there was no hope, you kept coming up with ideas. Not only that, but you restored my hope and faith in the potential of my son's ability to attend college and believe anything is possible! For that I am forever grateful and you stand above the rest with such a spirit of excellence.

Traci W. ~ B-Forc! Virtual Parent 

Our appointment calendar for scheduling consultations and pricing will be available soon. Thank you for your interest.