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B-Forc! The Bound For College Readiness Program 

Our Story: Get the real scoop from ScholarPrep 

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B-Forc! Nation

We've loved every minute of our College & Scholarship Prep journey; excited about the path we're continuing to travel. Look forward to meeting more young scholars along the way, and will even help those who

are stuck on the side of the college road. 

Why Us?

Why Not, if you are looking for personal attention, scholarship support, a coach who wants to be on your college prep team, offering passion for the game, inspiration and an outline for a successful winning formula...then look no further, let's get started. 

However, if we're not the program for you, there are many others to consider and we strongly recommend for your college prep journey, to get connected and start planning your road to college with someone.    

All We Do is Win Win Win!

 As a College and Scholarship Prep Program, our primary focus is to coach you to the fiduciary finish line towards funding your college dream. 

Over the past seven years we have personally helped students win $2.5 Million through the B-Forc! Plan, offering the tools of winning, inspiring them to B-Lieve! and utilizing the "Power of the Essay!"


The original creators of our B-Forc! hashtag was the Williams Family. In the midst of going through their own college journey, the college applications and outside scholarship submissions they created and found motivation in the power of the hashtag phrase.  

Since then, whether, we're doing seminars, parent workshops or offering individual college prep coaching, the end results are the same; to put in place and inspire the #TeamNoStudentLoan concept for everyone. 

Our passion is not only providing you the information of the B-Forc! Plan, but to empower your process as a team, we work as a team, plan as a team and the the goal is starting and completing your college journey without you becoming student loan debt poor.  

Our First B-Forc! Boot Camp 

During 2011-2012 decided to start a beta test college prep program for high school students. First session, with 5 students took place in our home, at the dining room table, by the end of the year the plan, the process...the success was official. Our college prep concept works for others. 

The summer of 2012, we found an official location; our college prep vision for Boot Camp was up and running. We love the small classes, which allows us the opportunity to provide one on one attention in developing personal details for each students college journey, while preparing them to became a team of support for each other...after camp is over.