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In high school was previously engaged with

B-Forc! Unfortunately lost contact with Mrs.Cain but found her again on Facebook, and she accepted me with Open Arms. I will be attending Langston University this Summer/Fall, yet I needed help acquiring some information about scholarships, Mrs.Cain, is truly a Plethora Of Knowledge in regards to going to college For Free! We spoke on the phone and from start to finish I was taking notes. Understanding that she gives realistic & valuable information. When our conversation ended, my outlook on starting school this fall is Very Hopeful. For that Mrs.Cain, I Say Thank You.

Corey B. ~ Missouri, Student   

Mrs. Cain is a wealth of information. Her warmth is refreshing and she extends herself in an effort to serve both parents and students. She has dedicated herself to the mission of connecting people with resources in a manner that has a lasting impact. In the event of questions, she is available and responsive to help guide families along the path of college readiness! Mrs. Cain even welcomes cold calls! I would definitely recommend B-Forc!

Tamika L. ~ Maryland, Facebook Parent 

I am so grateful for the assistance in our scholarship search from B-Forc! We have found so many scholarship opportunities on their facebook page, we haven't found anywhere else. Thank you B-Forc! for informing us about the Disney Dreamer Academy. After learning about the program on your page, our daughter applied and was chosen as a 2015 Disney Dreamer! Thank you for helping us in so many ways!

Darci S. ~ Colorado, DDA Mom  

Thank you B-Forc! for making my dream of going to college for free, clearer everyday. You have given effective skills for achieving my educational goals. You have provided me with a support system where I can always come and ask questions. You have truly made me feel like family because of your persistence to help and encourage me. Thank you for being a blessing in my life. I know 2016 will hold so much abundance for me because of my relationship with you. I am beyond grateful. 

Jeremiah T. ~ Texas, High School Senior  

I just think it's awesome that my B-Forc! Scholar, along with his fraternity brothers, are helping other students get scholarship money. B-Forc taught him that he doesn't lose any scholarship money himself by helping other students get scholarships. Thank you Mrs. Shelia Cain and the entire B-Forc! family for what you poured into my son almost 5 years ago as a high school sophomore and continue to pour into him. 

Anika & Richard W. ~ Missouri, B-Forc! Parents


You are one of the best resource!

Thanks B-Forc! for all you do to help students prepare for college and earn scholarships! 

Albert P. ~ Teen Kids News

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"Before there was a B-Forc! my parents started down the college prep and scholarship road with me in the 8th grade. Now, I'm in Grad School attending on a full fellowship #NoStudentLoans. Scholarship Sundays was our lifestyle back then and for me it is still my assigned day I utilize to review and pursue the scholarship dollars. Because,

B-Forc! "The Bound For College Readiness Program" taught me, if Sunday isn't your day...pick a day, but Someday isn't on the calendar."  

The Original B-Forc! Scholar ~ Grad Student 

I had the opportunity to speak (and now partner) with Mrs. Sheila from B-Forc!, and all I can say is AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! Parents, I HIGHLY recommend this organization, their services and boot camps. Mrs. Sheila is a wealth of knowledge, has years of experience, AND the testimonies/success stories to back it up! She can provide information needed for scholarship opportunities and prepare not only your child but also you, the parents, for the college bound road ahead ensuring EVERYONE is equipped and aware of avenues to help pay for college.

You won't be sorry!

Kee Morrison ~ Georgia, Parent 

"My husband and I have taught our children that it is not about quantity, rather it is about quality.

We encourage them to surround themselves with good people that want to help make this world a better place. When I made the choice to "like" B-Forc! "The Bound For College Readiness Program" I knew it was awesome, but I had no idea how they believe the same things that we do. Life is about being grateful and sharing with the world. Shelia Cain and her wonderful parent volunteers go above and beyond and we are so blessed to have them on "our team". Thank you so very much for supporting our daughter not only by sharing all of the scholarship opportunities that she has applied for, but for helping her with the Social Media voting for the Montage Memory Makers Scholarship.We feel truly blessed!"

Arlene D. ~ California, B-Forc! Parent

I didn't know my worth or true scholarship potential until I completed the B-Forc! Program. Mrs. Cain's process was more than a concept, it became a successful scholarship reality. 

Arien R. ~ Missouri, High School Student 

"Your commitment to excellence and persistence kept or daughter on track. We appreciated your hard and hope you continue sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for the college process with others. 

Beverly W. ~ Missouri, B-Forc! Parent 

From the bottom of my heart would like to thank B-Forc! aka Mrs. Cain for her diligence and her time, love and patience. B-Forc! has provided and prompted me with the readiness,encouragement and resources to get me ready for me to get my degree. Mrs. Cain has prayed for me, told me to hold my head up when it was down, pushed me, provided me with the scriptures I needed for my situation and her college readiness wisdom. I have returned to school and I thank God for placing this amazing woman in my life! THANK YOU B-FORC!!!

M. Janeanne ~ Missouri, PSU Sophomore 

I'm sending a huge "Thank You" to Mrs. Cain for taking my call. I was shocked when she answered the phone. I was prepared to leave a message with the hopes that she would receive it. Well, there was no need for a message. I spoke to Mrs. Cain and she was very helpful. The information that she provided me with was priceless. I can't put a value to it! I still can't believe how nice she was.

When she could have said, "Who are you? I'm busy!" She chose to say "Oh Hello!" I could hear the excitement in her voice. It was vividly clear that she loves what she does: HELPING OTHERS!!

I am inspired just by her words and her attitude. Once again, I say "Thank you!" Please continue to do what you are doing. You have a strategy that works and you are sharing it with others. I will continue to share your page. I appreciate the time you took out your busy morning just to impart your knowledge with me ! Yes, I'm BLESSED!!!!

 Laura W. ~ New York, Facebook Parent 

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