B-Empowered! B-Inspired! B-College Ready!

B-Forc! The Bound For College Readiness Program 

Shelia Cain

Founder/College Prep & Scholarship Coach 

Prior to founding B-Forc I was often engaged in the community, with education being my primary focus. I was involved with the Kansas City public school district and several Kauffman Foundation parent think tank programs for improving education. Such opportunities lead to the following achievements and service, 2004 Outstanding Service Award ~Achievement Matters; Graduate of The Multicultural Leadership Development Institute ~ 2004; Heart of America United Way ~ 2005 Allocation Team and 2011 Distinguished Warrior of Education.

As a stay at home mom, twelve years ago the college and scholarship prep process became a serious part-time job towards planning our daughter's college journey. The daunting task of internet searching for tools, opportunities, resources, answers and ideas, lead us down the road to discovering the most valuable resources for the process. 

The use of awesome websites and personally creating a successful college prep track for our own and her scholarship success inspired us to show and tell. 

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We continue to encourage and provide resources, for many college bound students and parents. 

Stanley Cain

Co-Founder/Safety Expert

Rockhurst University graduate with a B.A. in Criminal Justice. Twenty years in private and public security. Safety and security disciplines include, but are not limited to: Access Control/Camera Systems, Emergency Preparedness, Security Training and Corporate Risk Management.     

When our daughter began her college journey, my safety and security background easily lead me to investigate, explore and review all issues related to college campus safety and security protocols. Including, The Clery Act, a federal mandate and a consumer protection law that requires all college campuses to publicly reveal their campus security strategy, crime policy and current crime statistics. 

There has been significant changes regarding campus safety over the years. Along with studying the particulars of the changing campus security environment and speaking to college bound students and parents about such issues, we felt a need to incorporate what we discovered as a part of B-Forc! Choosing the right college encompasses more than just the college location, extracurricular activities and dorm life, remember you need a safety net too.   

Planning for a Scholarship Miracle

In all that I do, as a College and Scholarship Prep Coach I purposely, realistically plan for a miracle. The biggest challenge for many who may want to pursue scholarship opportunities and for those who only apply for a few, is the power of you believing it's yours. Winning a scholarship opportunity isn't a surprise it's a planned conscious effort of creativity and diligence. Then, before you send the application you must envision that scholarship check has your

name on it.

The Rules of Reality: B-Realistic!

  • Believe in the power of your creative ability
  • Follow the scholarship's rules
  • Make sure you qualify
  • Adhere to the required essay word count
  • Review the quality and accomplishments of the previous winners (if the available, some organizations do provide their winners bios and winning essays)
  • Beat or meet the deadlines
  • Always take the time to edit your work...get a second pair of eyes to review what you do.
  • Apply often, it is a number game of chance, the more you try and apply increase the odds to be in your favor.
  • B-Patient! submit the one you have completed and apply for the next opportunity, repeating all the steps above.       

In 2013, we won a full scholarship opportunity to attend the Erwin Penland (one of the largest full service advertising agencies) "Food For Thought Conference - Inspiring Leaders’ Creativity." We personally know what it feels like to review, pursue and win a scholarship opportunity, we don't share what we heard, we share what we know, the potential to be a winner is real.      

B-Forc! success is rooted in believing. Scholarship miracles do happen for those who plan for them and implements the power to B-Lieve! they're a winner.   

Still have the same coaching passion. The B-Forc! Plan is always new and improved to prep today's college bound scholars to win the dollars.