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B-Forc! The Bound For College Readiness Program 

Our Favorite Website Recommendations: Don't Search, Just Get Connected. 

Getting started with your college prep process can be a very daunting task for both parents and college bound teens. You can google search all day and still be confused or uncertain wondering if you have landed on the right page, to get real help. 

Well, after 12 years we have been web surfing for resources that serve many needs and we have come to rely on the expertise of the ones you see and recommending what we know that works, have answers, solutions and info you can use.

I'm First: a site for first-generation college students.

My Majors: a site we utilize a lot for college bound students.

College Parents of America: the nation’s oldest organization offering helpful college tips, insights & support.

Scholarprep: need to get organized? They have the tools to help parents/students do just that.

University Visitors Network you can explore information about colleges through our visitor guide magazines, online guides, and mobile apps.

There is so much wonderful information, teen opportunites and just fun stuff to share, we needed another page. iTeenKC aka iTeenGlobal is our college bound page for parents and teens. We love posting the information and resources we find that can help educate, inform and empower teen students all around the world. 

We often share valuable insights to the college process from many resources; The National Emmy Award Winning TV show Teen Kids News, but they also offer so much more. We often say "TKN is not your parents evening news, but news young people can use". We post the wisdom and opportunities from Teen Life. Share exciting global news about other teens, environmental issues, teen creativity and accomplishments. Volunteering is a great resume and character builder, for such opportunities we refer to the connections offered by Volunteen Nation and as advocates of summer opportunities you will discover programs and pre-college experiences teens can pursue. 

In our professional opinion these are not only our favorite scholarship websites, but the best resources offering an abundance of potential free money opportunities to fund anyone's college journey. 

In addition to that, each website provides unique college prep info, college connections along with tools, apps and information to empower your college journey from high school and beyond. 

We often share who they are and encourage the connections for your success. Fastweb reported in 2015 that there is over $2.9 Billion in Free College Money Unclaimed by Students. We urge you to stop leaving "Free Money" on the table. We will always, post the scholarship opportunities we find on the B-Forc! Nation Scholarship social media sites. However, for more...get connected and be engaged with the scholarship pages we personally recommend to our B-Forc! Boot Camp Scholars and everyone we know. Yep, we are all about "Showing You the Money!" #TeamNoStudentLoans   

Many parents and first year freshmen always forget to include the cost of books in their college budget and college books are expensive. Our original B-Forc! Scholar's book expense for the first semester was an estimated $1,300, the return resale for the gently used books, after the semester...geez don't want to mention. 

We quickly discovered a better way and want you to know where to go for the books you will need before you head to the campus bookstore. TextbookX.com offers millions of textbooks and other course materials at significantly better prices than the average college bookstore.

Amazon Student is a similar program parents may use and they offer the same benefits as regular Amazon Prime at a discount. It is available to students enrolled in at least one class in a college or university in the United States including online universities).

Did you know Chegg.com was started by college students at Iowa State University believing then "A new semester should never mean bankruptcy." with Chegg you can buy, sell or rent the books you need.

Universities are always looking to recruit new musicians to fill vacated seats in marching bands, ensembles, orchestras and performance groups, just like coaches need to recruit new athletes.

A great site for aspiring music majors. AuditionU connects High School Musicians with University Professors and it's Free!

Get connected to find the right musical scholarship for your college journey. http://auditionu.com/

When we started sharing scholarship information via our facebook page many almost seven years ago, international students begin to contact us in reference to their own scholarship needs. 

It never dawn on us that, student loan debt was a global dilemma. So, we begin to search for the money and now we have found some awesome websites to meet the scholarship needs of our global community, which is represented by 48 countries. Scholarship opportunities are available for a world class education. 

Many of these sites offer scholarships you can pursue from undergrad to receiving your PhD. The above sites are all our favorites, but a unique resource to consider for your Master's and/or PhD is ProFellow.com. You can ease your search, because they share global opportunities like Fully funded PhD programs, Summer Fellowships, International Fellowships and that's just the tip of the academic iceberg. 

Like what you see? Then we simply ask for you to share what we show.

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